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We are proud to introduce our SmartPacks service, an exciting way of purchasing school photos with online discounts of up to 40%.
Now parents can order exactly what they want and are not tied down to our standard packs. 3 children in school? No problem – parents can create their own pack or use one of our 'mixed packs'. That’s smart!

A question we get asked a lot is

‘why can’t we mix a pack with different photographs?’ 

Well now parents can with SmartPacks.
Traditional school photography, meant if you had more then one child at school you would have to buy a pack for each child. Now with our SmartPacks parents can use all images taken and combine them into one pack. Any number of images can be used in a SmartPack as long as they are from the same school. If the parent doesn't like the packs we have created, then they can make there own, using our 'Build Your Own Pack' service on our website.

A traditional School Photography pack would look like this..
SmartPacks School Photography looks like this....
Resulting in cheaper costs for parents and less wasted photos in the kitchen cupboards..
Parents love it, see some of our feedback below....