Covid-19 Policy document - Versa Portraits, Parker Franklin LTD.

In light of the UK government guidelines issued to all schools and nurseries following the outbreak of Covid-19 we are adapting the way that we work in order to be able to continue our service. Versa Portraits is committed to keeping its staff, the pupils we photograph, and associated teaching staff safe. With this in mind we have been working very hard behind the scenes to ensure a contact-less process which allows us a way to capture, individual school photos with: 

No contact between the photographer and student - long lens camera equipment to ensure a 2 meter distance.

No contact between the photographer and teaching staff .

Only siblings in the same bubble will be photographed together

No outside family groups will be photographed.

Children will be posed from a distance, we will still capture the same natural expressions, however, we may need your assistance with reception/nursery children.

With your guidance, we will take the shortest route to the room where we’ll be photographing. 

Upon arrival we will be wearing the PPE required to meet Government guidelines - face-masks can be worn throughout the photography session if you wish and our team will each be carrying anti-bacterial wipes and hand gel. 

Where possible outside windows and doors will be opened. 

All equipment will be carefully sanitized before our arrival, and again before we leave. 

No orders/money need to be returned to the school/nursery.

No completed orders are handed to parents via the school/nursery. 

Contact-less School Photography Process for SIMS 

If your school uses the images for your SIMS or any other database - then we will need to do things a little differently then normal.

On a normal day, pupils would come to the studios and teachers would hand them a barcode supplied by us which they would hand to the photographer before there photo is taken. This barcode would then be scanned and this would sync the image to the admission number for that pupil. To minimize contact to 100% the photographer will now need to keep these barcodes at the studio - to ensure a smooth and fast running day we will need your help.  
Strictly 1 class per photographer.

Pupils to line up in register order.

For secondary schools, if you wish to bring down pupils in lesson order rather than class order - please note that the SIMS excel document that you send us needs to be sent in lesson order rather than class order.  

Versa Portraits are one of the UK's leading national school and nursery photography companies.
With many years in the trade, in-house software and a dedicated lab. 
We feel we have the right knowledge, know-how and staff to offer you a service above and beyond any other.

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