Individual School Photography

Versa can cater for a range of individual school photography or sibling photography.

Traditional colour or contemporary backdrops.
If you fancy something different?
We can always go outside..


We take a minimum of 3 photos of each child/sibling group this ensures that parents benefit from more choice and the school benefits from increased sales.

Our cameras are connected to laptops at the point of photographing, this enables us to check the photos on a bigger screen and make sure they are perfect each and every time.

The proof prints out on a printer next to us instantly, at no delay to you. Proofs are then collected in for each class and handed to the teacher. Proofs can go home that night and parents can order online straight away.

Secondary school children take the proofs from the printer direct to minimise distribution for the school.


Versa Portraits are one of the UK's leading national school and nursery photography companies.
With many years in the trade, in-house software and a dedicated lab. 
We feel we have the right knowledge, know-how and staff to offer you a service above and beyond any other.

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